Thermal Imaging

Predictive and preventative maintenance programs can greatly minimise repair and labour costs, avoid production losses and help to locate failing parts in both electrical and mechanical environments.

Thermal imaging has emerged as an effective tool in predictive maintenance technology, our thermal imaging program will help prevent sudden production loss. Our service will apply specific file names to important items of plant and provide a full report of the thermal image. The file can be updated or compared against previous surveys and any thermal trend identified, our software ensures consistent and repeatable measurements.

Our thermal imager displays clean and clear thermal images while automatically recording radiometric readings for each image for complete records. The laser functions as a sighting aid to help pinpoint the details of the target, using a crosshatch at the centre of the image, which identifies the temperature spot.

Our service includes a thermal image survey, a site report and within days a full report containing both thermal and digital images of the items surveyed. If this service is of interest to you please do not hesitate to contact us.